About LockChain

Company Details

About LockChain

LockChain is a Bulgarian based tech company with an international team. The company team has decades of combined experience in the fields of software development, digital marketing, travel industry, politics, fintech and legal.

The Details of the company are as follow

LockChain Ltd

Business Registrationg number: 204752244

Korab Planina 27a, 3rd fl, 1407, Sofia, Bulgaria

Initial capital: 200,000 BGN

Company Director:
Nikola Alexandrov

Beneficial Owners & Shareholders
Nikola Alexandrov
Hristo Tenchev

Why a company based in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has been ranked within the top 10 destinations for software development and outsourcing in the world. This is due to the extremely high level of software engineering literacy, the stable government, SEPA integrated Banking system and the protection of the European Union Laws.

All company details can be verified through the publicly accessible trade registry, available at the following address

We believe that the company should be based where the team is based and where taxes are being paid. Some other companies use the practice of registering offshore companies which have no transparency and use nominee services which is strictly against our policy.

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